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ATA Community Services Committee


Dr.Prakasam Tata – Chair Person


Jayanthi Subbarao, MD – Co-Chair


Dr.Ratnam Chitturi


Mr.Syama Pappu, PE

Contributors for Electronic Booklet


Jayanthi Subbarao, MD, Concept and Content


Suresh Upadhyayula, Design and Formatting

Some of the eminent speakers offered presentations and shared their valuable experiences.


Saturday July 2, 2016



Topic:  Welcome and Overview of community services program

Speaker: Jayanthi Subbarao, MD, Co-Chair, Community Services Committee



Topic: Project RISHI

Speaker: Priyanka kadari



Topic: The tragedy of Childhood Blindness

Speaker: Leela Raju M.D., Eye Foundation of America.



Topic: Tapping Philanthropic and other Organizations for Financing to Do Community Service Projects and Providing Collaboration

Panel Presentations: Moderator - Prakasam Tata, Ph.D., BCES, QEP (Emeritus)


Sunday July 3, 2016



Topic: Student Empowerment Training (SET)

Speaker: Surya Prasad Padala

Organization: Padala trust



Topic: SWECHHA, Empower the Adolescent Girls in Menstrual Hygiene

Speaker: Surya Prasad Padala and Deepthi Angara

Organization: Padala trust



Topic: Skills Development of persons from remote hamlets of India

Speaker: Gopal Sannidhi

Organization: Pennidhi Fundation



Topic: Encouraging Excellence in Education

Speaker: Ratnam Chitturi, Ph.D.

Organization: North South Foundation.



Topic: Development Through Empowerment

Speaker: R. Jay Sehgal

Organization: Sehgal Foundation



Topic: Career Building thru skills development

Speaker: Ramesh K Doddapaneni, BE , ME, LLB, Ph.D

Organization: Nagarjuna Educational Society



Topic: NRI participation in Rural Development of Telangana State

Speaker: Laxman Kesari

Organization: RK Memorial trust



Topic: Towards Cleaner and Greener Nandigama

Speaker: Kiran Teja

Organization: Bangaru Nandigama Foundation



Topic: Save The Farmers

Speaker: Vijay Gummi



Topic: Water Conservation Methods

Speaker: Frank Avila

Organization: Commissioner, MWRD, Chicago. IL



Topic: Water Purification Methods

Speaker: Dr. Prakasam Tata

Organization: Bharathi Theertha









                              The Community services committee thanks all the speakers for submitting the information, to enable us in preparing this electronic program booklet. We thank Mr. Suresh Upadhyayula for his expertise and sparing his valuable time in designing the cover and uploading and standardizing the information included in this program booklet. Hope you will find this useful.

The slides presented in this seminar are uploaded and the Speakers who submitted them did not object to our displaying them on the web for sharing information. If any of you wish to download or utilize that material for other purposes, we strongly recommend that you contact the speaker directly and obtain permission. ATA or this committee can not authorize such use.

             We hope that this will be a live document and will be a tool for us to update information and provide a forum for sharing experiences to guide each other. We welcome feedback and any suggestions and your active participation to make this a success.

Dr. Praksam Tata:

Dr. Jayanthi Subbarao:

Dr. Ratnam chitturi:

Mr. Syama Pappu:

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