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Educational activities

Educational Grants for needy children in India: Collaboration with NSF (North South Foundation)


JCF in collaboration with NSF in India established endowments fund to offer three educational grants.

North South Foundation (NSF) provides scholarships to undergraduate students entering engineering, medicine or 3-year polytechnic (diploma in engineering.) based on merit and financial need.

NSF uses uniform eligibility criteria to identify meritorious students across chapters. NSF has distributed more than 20,000 scholarships to students who need financial support to pursue their quest for knowledge in their chosen fields.

More detailed information can be obtained from their web site.

Grant for supporting a distinguished lecture at American paraplegia Society (APS)/ Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals Annual conference.(ASCIP)

The scholarship is an annual award and not a one-time payment. The student is eligible for the scholarship until graduation if he/she maintains high academic standards. NSF funds these scholarships by raising donations in the US. The local chapters located in various states in India do the commendable job of advertising to invite applications from students, screening these applications and selecting the neediest, group of students who eventually become NSF scholarship recipients.

The endowment fund was established in 2016 with a goal to offer three scholarships for students studying in the three-year, junior college courses. These grants were named in memory of Late, Sri. Jayanthi Lakshmi Nrusimha Sastry, Late, Mrs. Jayanthi Surya Kantham (Parents of Dr. Jayanthi Subbarao) and another grant in the name of his younger brother Late, Mr. Seetha Venkata Subrahmanya Prasad.

The grants are funded from the interest earned from the endowment, so first grant was offered in 2017 and as of 2019 all three grants have been given to deserving students based on the criteria established by NSF.  Preference will be given to students with physical disabilities when such students who meet NSF criteria apply for these grants. JCF board of directors or their family members do not participate in the selection of students for these grants.

JCF board of directors are very appreciative and thank NSF India for facilitating JCF goal to support education for these needy students.


Marianjoy Scholarship program

JCF sponsored one scholarship annually for this program for five years.

The Marianjoy Scholarship Program has awarded nearly $750,000 in scholarships to highly deserving students since it was established in 1994. These men and women hail from 68 different towns, have attended 57 different colleges, and have majored in a wide array of disciplines. The scholarships have had a profound impact on the lives of these talented individuals: past recipients include a physician, an attorney, a professional musician, a pastor, a film writer, a therapist, a teacher, among others.

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Electronic Library in Andhra medical College Orthopedic department

An e library to benefit the post graduate students of Orthopeadic department of King George Hospital and Andhra Medical College was opened on the department premises at KGH on January 30, 2010.




This library was named after a world renown Orthopeadic surgeon and former head of that department Dr. C. Vyaghreswarudu. 

A former student of late Dr. Vyaghreswarudu, Jayanthi V. Subbarao M.D. M.S. who is currently living in US, donated the funding for renovation of the space and for providing computers. The hospital and a pharmaceutical company agreed to maintain this library. Seven students could use the five computers simultaneously and they could access all the latest information and down load all the Orthopeadic journal articles

Five Year visiting lecture grant program (2000 - 2005)

Objectives of the grant:


  1. To promote the specialty of physical Medicine and Rehabilatation (PM&R).

  2. To encourage and support dedication of professionals to the care of individuals with disabilities.

  3. To sponsor visiting professor lectures in the PM&R subspecialty areas of spinal cord impairment (SCI) and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

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Community education

Periodically community education lectures by distinguished experts in the respective fields were arranged over the past few years to increase the awareness of both Indian community members and other participants. Topics ranged from Health, Fitness, Communication and conflicts, Spirituality, Psychological and psychiatric management etc.


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