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Management of patients with amputation differs greatly between institutions and providers. Availability of qualified physician, Prosthetist (professional who prepares the prosthesis), therapists and other members of the team enhances the final outcome of rehabilitation following amputation. It is best for individuals to seek information about management options prior to amputation, if that is a preplanned surgery. We are hoping that the information included offers some of that information with resources for families and patients.      

Frequently Asked Questions

Lower Extremity amputation and prosthesis related information

Publications ( Health care - Self Help Resources )

  • You've had an amputation, your residual limb is healing, and it's time to start thinking about prostheses. Here are some answers to questions new amputees frequently ask:  Information in this reference is developed by Amputation coalition in USA. I found the information well organized.

  • The following pages offer a wealth of information concerning what to expect before, during, and after amputation surgery. The most important goal of your entire treatment—from the operation to rehabilitation, to the fitting of your prosthesis—is to restore your mobility. Your therapy team, which includes your doctors, therapists, prosthetists—and of course, you and your loved ones—will help you achieve the most independence possible, so that you can lead an active and mobile life. On average, this rehabilitation process takes between two to six months, although this can be affected by various factors, including your level of motivation and how well your prosthesis fits. Recommendations with regard to your therapy and rehabilitation are provided below. However, the instructions from your rehabilitation team always take priority since this team is best able to evaluate your individual situation.

  • This reference deals with patient and family questions and has video clips with interaction from clinicians, information about upper extremity amputations,  some advanced technologies and prosthetic fitting for children: Limb Loss Solutions Currently selecte

                                   a.  Adult Upper Limb/Extremity

                                                     i.  Advanced Technology

                                       ii.  Amputation Levels

                                      iii.  Fitting, Casting, Insignia

                                      iv.  Prosthetic Options

                                       v.  Success Stories

                                 b.  Adult Lower Limb/Extremity

                                      i.  Advanced Technology

                                     ii.  Above-knee Prosthetics

                                    iii.  Below-knee Prosthetics

                                    iv.  Hip Disarticulation

                                     v.  Ankle Disarticulation

                                    vi.  Feet and Ankles

                                   vii.  Partial Foot

                                  viii.  Lower Extremity Componentry

                              c.  Pediatrics

                                   i.  Upper Limb/Extremity

                                  ii.  Lower Limb/Extremity

                             d.  AMPOWER Amputee Resource Center

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