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Laxmi narayana Kesari


Title: NRI Participation in Rural Development of Nelapogul - Telangana State



















              Ratnamala Kesari Memorial Trust. (GyanRatna)

About the Memorial:   

              RKMT is located in Village Nelapogula, Lingala Ghanapuram Mandal, Warangal District, TS. For the Past 20 years. Prior to the establishment of RKMT (Ratnamala Kesari Memorial Trust) Ratna and Laxmi Narayan built drinking water plant for the village benefit in 1999 for 5 lakhs. They donated 1.5 acre of land for village school and contributed 30% of construction cost of the building. They funded to build 34 Toilets at the cost of Rs 3 Lakhs. Another drinking water plant was built in Village Pamunuru, Near Station Ghanapur, Warangal District.


Current Projects:     

                 The RKMT team of Laxmi Narayana Kesari, Mr. Ananth Vootkur and Mrs. Kanya Vootkur adopted the Village of Nelapogula. The main goal of RKMT is to develop Nelapogula as a Model, Smart and Ideal village by working with various government offices and villagers.


Projects Executed:     

  • Education: Two Angawadi facilities were remodel by adding kitchen and toilet facilities. The School compound wall is being built. 20 lakhs of corpus fund is established to support school activities and to add digital classrooms. School building is up graded by adding fan and lights in each classroom

  • Women empowerment: RMKT added 10 Lakh Corpus funds for skill development with AMS women’s college in Warangal. 

  • Sanitation:  100% Toilet building program for whole village community.

  • 24-hour water supply to each house in the village. Trash collection program.

  • Community Development

  • Temple improvement and remodelling activities.

  • Infrastructure development like cell towers.

Lessons Learnt: 

  • In the beginning Villagers were very sceptical and non-interested in development activities of the village.

  • First success to this was collective enthusiasm in temple renovations and activities,

  • Motivated them to send children to village schools.

  • With persistent efforts working with Government officials and villagers, gradual progress being made in all areas. 24-hour power line with the help of government and RKMT being installed and built.

  • Our collaboration with AMS College Warangal and RKMT, The Women empowerment program trained 50 ladies skill development like sewing and beauty parlours, 250 more women are scheduled to be trained.

  • Cell tower is approved by BSNL for the infrastructure of telecommunication for the village.


Get Involved: 

            Join us Leave your Foot print. There are many ways to join us whether you work with us shoulder-to-shoulder on ground or you spread awareness from wherever you are in the world—you’re with us. Work with us and turn you inspiration into action. We welcome intrepid leaders who are committed to learning from sharing their experiences,  which would help us grow the community with our mission.

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