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This material was compiled by Jayanthi Subbarao MD. MS


Rehabilitation following lower extremity amputation requires a comprehensive assessment of the patient to assess the rehabilitation potential of that person and also to determine the appropriate prosthetic components to maximize the function.

Principles for prescribing a Lower extremity Prosthesis

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This can be best done with a team approach of at least a physician and Physical therapist with sound  knowledge of the various prostheitc  options,  and a skilled prosthetist who can not only prepare the prosthesis but to guide the  team in obtaining the right prosthesis for that person. Complexity increases with higher level of lower extremity amputations.

Formal rehabilitation training with the help of a qualified physical therapist is essential for the patient to be able to utilize and maintain the prosthesis appropriately. The prosthetist should be available to make necessary adjustments to fit individual patient needs.


Patient assessments forms and determining the functional level are part of this educational material. The slide show reviews prosthetic prescription for clinicians who do not routinely manage patients with prosthetic rehabilitation needs.


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