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Vijay Gummi


Title: Save the Farmers




















              Neelgiri Foundation


About the Organization:   

              Currently located in Nalgonda district, and working with All India committee to help in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Jarkhand states.


Projects Executed:     

                 When we compare farmers between west and eastern countries, the farmers in the west are rich. But the farmers in India are not. Technically, if there is more demand for food, the supply should also be more. This means, that the person who is supplying is in demand, and he can dictate a price and be comfortable. Especially, if the land is less, the demand increases - like in India. In contrary, we are seeing that the supplier is not earning what he/she deserves. There is a flaw in the system. Most of the NRIs are interested to help farmers. However, since there isn't a good platform or understanding about how to help, there isn't much happening also. We have conducted seminars and workshops to help farmers and came out with short-term and long-term programs to help farmers. We have made numerous adjustments also during the process, which helped us to make things better. We want to present both short-term and long-term programs for then NRIs to choose, based on their budget, time, schedule and convenience. And also, to make sure the farmers get the best out of our efforts.

            Our foundation, Neelgiri Foundation, is a not-for-profit organization working towards saving the environment. Saving environment saves everyone, including farmers in the first row. So, our focus towards saving farmers is largely on the environment side.

Lessons Learnt:

         How to help farmers on a long-term basis


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