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Jayanthi Subbarao, MD


Title: Welcome and Overview



















                Jayanthi Subbarao, MD. MS., Clinical Professor, Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation, Loyola University Medical Center. Maywood. Illinois. Consulting Medical Director, Aetna Insurance Company for drug Utilization Advisory, for pain management. 

Dr. Subbarao is a specialist in Physical medicine and rehabilitation and is nationally known in his specialty. He was director of the Loyola PMR residency program, Chief of Division of PMR and Associate chief of staff for Hines VA hospital. He held a number of leadership positions in multiple professional organizations. He is a philanthropist and established Jayanthi Charitable foundation (1998) in memory of his parents and younger brother.


  • JCF decided- Education- Assistance to persons with disabilities both directly and also by supporting education to professionals that will deliver such services and Community education

  • Spiritual activities- Lectures, Publication of books

  • Obtained 501-C 3 status very early- Understanding the dos and don'ts is very important.

  • Funds transfer to India and NGOs should be done carefully.

  • This is family foundation and never raised funds from others

  • Often we preferred endowment approach for sustaining the activity longitudinally

  • Please visit for details of activities.

  • We review what we are doing once in two years

  • What do we hope to achieve from this seminar

  • Better awareness of what is being done

  • Learn how individuals and organizations achieved their objectives

  • Be aware of funding sources and how to link with them

  • Interact with individuals and organizations to learn further


Ultimate Goal


  • Seed the idea that you should offer or support community service because it is a very rewarding experience.

  • Establish a mechanism for ongoing dialogue between the doers and those who wish they could something.

  • Let us have a very productive day and half to reach our goal Thank You

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