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Foundation activities

Resident Research Award at Mayo Clinic Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department

Dr. G. Keith Stillwell, M.D.

The Outstanding Resident Research Award at Mayo Clinic Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department was established in June of 2004 by Jayanthi V. Subbarao, M.D., M.S., a Mayo Alumnus (1975-1977), to promote clinical care, education and research related to individuals with functional limitations.  This foundation was established in memory of his parents and brother who greatly influenced his professional and personal growth.


The award was renamed in June 2007 and dedicated to Dr. G. Keith Stillwell in memory of his great contributions including being a role model for future generations of clinicians, educators, and medical administrators in physical medicine and rehabilitation.


The best research project presented by a senior resident at the research seminar day receives the Jayanthi Charitable Foundation award.

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JCF & AFS collaborate to treat children with cleft

Contributing to sponsor one child treatment per year:













Alliance for Smiles improves the lives of children and communities impacted by cleft by providing free comprehensive treatment, while building local capacity for long-term care. In our 16 years of existence, we have served over 7,000 patients in 15 countries; the total value of the donated medical services we have provided is over $33 million. And because we have such a loyal group of talented volunteers who donate their time, our overhead is extremely low - just 10%. 


Mr. Paul Vazquez, Director of operations for Alliance for Smiles, noted that this organization provides services to other countries only because, in the United States of America, all children with clefts receive treatment at a very early age, and the treatment includes multi-dimensional long-term care.  One of the goals of Alliance for Smiles is to help other countries to replicate the long term treatment that countries such as the USA employ.


Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Alliance for Smiles has continued to innovate, launch new programs, and achieve its life-changing mission, by remotely training medical teams serving children with cleft around the world, and we remain ready to get back to the field as soon as possible.

JCF & PCT collaborate to support Needy school children

School Adoption Project - A Study on empowering the female Children in Government Schools


  • SWECHHA Program – Empower the adolescent female children in Menstrual Education and Hygiene

  • Nutritional Supplement Program – Help the malnourished children with Iron & Protein supplements

  • Remedial Teaching Program – Improve the average academic performance of schools


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Community Services Seminar

ATA Silver Jubilee Conference & Youth Convention
July 1st - 3rd, 2016
Chicago, IL


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Grant for supporting a distinguished lecture at American paraplegia Society (APS)/ Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals Annual conference.(ASCIP)

PREVENTION OF AVOIDABLE BLINDNESS - Community education- Goutami Eye Institute

The cornea donation - Goutami Eye Institute & Eye Foundation of America (EFA) collaboration

Mission:  To protect, preserve and restore the treasured gift of sight for improving quality of life by providing caring service, irrespective of the socio-economic status, with due emphasis on education and research.

Vision:   To be one of the most cost-effective, centre of excellence and preferred provider in ophthalmic care for every member of community it serves.

Values:    Concern, commitment, integrity, transparency and quality are our core values. In the conduct of our Mission, we are mindful that we are a not-for-profit organization.


Marianjoy Scholarship program

JCF sponsored one scholarship annually for this program for five years.

The Marianjoy Scholarship Program has awarded nearly $750,000 in scholarships to highly deserving students since it was established in 1994. These men and women hail from 68 different towns, have attended 57 different colleges, and have majored in a wide array of disciplines. The scholarships have had a profound impact on the lives of these talented individuals: past recipients include a physician, an attorney, a professional musician, a pastor, a film writer, a therapist, a teacher, among others.

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Electronic Library in Andhra medical College Orthopedic department

An e library to benefit the post graduate students of Orthopeadic department of King George Hospital and Andhra Medical College was opened on the department premises at KGH on January 30, 2010.




This library was named after a world renown Orthopeadic surgeon and former head of that department Dr. C. Vyaghreswarudu. 

A former student of late Dr. Vyaghreswarudu, Jayanthi V. Subbarao M.D. M.S. who is currently living in US, donated the funding for renovation of the space and for providing computers. The hospital and a pharmaceutical company agreed to maintain this library. Seven students could use the five computers simultaneously and they could access all the latest information and down load all the Orthopeadic journal articles

Five Year visiting lecture grant program (2000 - 2005)

Objectives of the grant:


  1. To promote the specialty of physical Medicine and Rehabilatation (PM&R).

  2. To encourage and support dedication of professionals to the care of individuals with disabilities.

  3. To sponsor visiting professor lectures in the PM&R subspecialty areas of spinal cord impairment (SCI) and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

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Community education

Periodically community education lectures by distinguished experts in the respective fields were arranged over the past few years to increase the awareness of both Indian community members and other participants. Topics ranged from Health, Fitness, Communication and conflicts, Spirituality, Psychological and psychiatric management etc.


Grant for Prema Hospital in Visakhapatnam in India

Grant for Prema Hospital in Visakhapatnam in India to support the program for improving mobility in patients with residuals from Poliomyelitis - 2007.

Appreciation awards in 2017

Jayanthi Charitable Foundation recognized contributions by giving “appreciation awards”. The success of the organization in publishing books to benefit the communities and to promote dissemination of that information thru their web site was due to very dedicated volunteers.



Mr. Naveen Todupunoori & Mr. Putta Ganesh receiving awards in recognition of their contributions to "publication of Matruvandanam books" and "development and maintenance of the JCF web site" respectively.

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