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Sri Gopal Sannidhi, President,

Pennidhi Foundation


Title: Skills Development of Persons From remote hamlets of India















        Pennidhi foundation


About the Program:

        Pennidhi foundation is an NGO works to impart skills and to improve socio/economic conditions of the weaker sections of the society.  Pennidhi has been working for skill development.  Pennidhi acts a bridge between candidates and the training institutes. Pennidhi mobilized candidates from remote hamlets of Andhra Pradesh/Telangana (some do not have motorable roads). Since 2014 Pennidhi mobilized 382 persons. Pennidhi would like to expand skill development programs to 2,000 persons per year in 2016-2017. Project involves conducting awareness campaigns & motivational sessions in remote hamlets and link candidates to the training institutes.

Projects Executed:     

  • Construction Training at National Academy of Training: Pennidhi mobilized tribal youth from Khammam/Bhadrachalam regions. Pennidhi collaborated with National Academy of construction (NAC) to impart training in construction sector. Thus far 291 persons were trained and are working at various companies.

  • Tailoring training at APBIRED: Pennidhi mobilized tribal youth from Khammam/Bhadrachalam/Karimnagar  regions. Pennidhi collaborated with Andhra Pradesh Bankers Institute of Rural and Entrepreneurship Development (APBIRED). Through Pennidhi 19 girls were trained at APBIRED on MS office/Tailoring.

  • Crane Operator Training at Tata Nagar: Pennidhi mobilized 26 youth from Telangana and Andhra. 26 youth were trained in operation/maintenance of overhead crane at Tata Nagar.

Other Organizations:

      Candidates from remote hamlets are getting trained at GMR and Ramanandatirhta institutes.

Lessons Learnt:

  • Unfortunately youth in remote hamlets are not aware of the skill development programs and/or how to get skill training

  • Mobilization & motivation of candidates in remote hamlets is a big task and is often overlooked by training institutes and it requires consistent effort at grassroots levels

  • Vocational skills training material is not easy to understand and existing training solutions are not scalable; Quality training material is not available in local languages

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