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Kiran Teja Posani


Title: Towards Cleaner and Greener Nandigama


              Nandigama Foundation

About the Organization:          

        In 2014, about 40 thousand cases of Dengue were registered. In Andhra Pradesh alone there were 1265 cases and 5 deaths. Though it is not fatal, it causes severe illness and could lead to death. As of today, there is no specific treatment for Dengue but early detection and access to proper medical care lowers fatality rates below 1%.


        Until 2015 these were just some numbers that I would read in the newspapers that may me feel bad momentarily or perhaps a few hours or days. I never imagined this could happen in my own home-town or to someone close to me. May 1st 2015, was not a typical day in my life when I witnessed the death of someone in my neighborhood. I was bereaved and engulfed with sadness that we lost someone for something like Dengue that could have been easily prevented through simple measures such as proper disposal of solid waste, covering, emptying and cleaning of domestic water storage containers and improving community participation.


         We wish to contribute our ideas and inculcate cleaner and greener habits among our people. We are receiving great support from people and we hope to collectively make it our “Bangaru Nandigama “

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